SeraSol® SC 86A

Product Features

  • Readily soluble and stable in cool water and lower alcohols
  • Pro-foamer
  • Cold processable
  • Non-ionic W/O or W/Si emulsifier
  • Styling resin plasticiser
  • Humectant

Typical Properties

  • Viscosity (at 25°C): 850cS
  • HLB Value: 4.5
  • Appearance: Clear, colourless liquid


  • Anti-perspirant roll-ons
  • Hair sprays
  • Conditioners
  • Hand lotion
  • Conditioning shampoos
  • Mousses
  • Foundations
  • Shampoos
  • Gels / setting lotions
  • Shaving preparations


KCC Beauty SeraSol SC 86A is a copolymer of polydimethylsiloxane and polyoxyalkaylene ether. A light and silky PEG modified silicone for use as a surface tension depressant, or W/O emulsifier in a wide range of colour cosmetic, skin care and clear hair care applications. Good wet conditioner for shaving and hair care products.

Recommended usage level 0.5-3%


Datasheet & Specification

SeraSol SC 86A Specification SeraSol SC 86A TDS