SeraShine® EM 505

Product Features

  • Co-emulsion of very high viscosity dimethicone with amodimethicone for optimum conditioning effect
  • Large particle size, enhanced deposition
  • Designed for coarse hair types

Typical Properties

  • % Active content: 60
  • Specific gravity (25°C): 1.0
  • Appearance: White, viscous emulsion
  • Particle size: <5µm
  • Viscosity (at 25°C): 3,500cS


  • Intensive treatments
  • Conditioners
  • Shampoos
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INCI: Amodimethicone (and) Dimethicone (and) Laureth-23 (and) Laureth-6


KCC Beauty SeraShine EM 505 is a premium non-ionic macro co-emulsion of a blend of high molecular weight polydimethylsiloxane and amodimethicone fluid for intense conditioning in both shampoo and conditioner formulations.  The large particle size of 5µm ensures enhanced deposition for coarser, thicker hair types, or more intensive conditioning for finer hair types.

Wet and dry combing are improved, whilst the hair is left feeling soft and smooth.  Suitable for shampoos and conditioners.

Recommended usage level 1-4%

Previously known as SI6071Z

Datasheet & Specification

SeraShine EM 505 TDS SeraShine EM 505 Specification