SeraShine® EM 421C

Product Features

  • Quaternary functional silicone for optimum conditioning effects
  • Fine particle size (less than 0.04 microns)
  • Thermal heat protection
  • Assists in colour retention
  • Low viscosity emulsion, easy to blend and pour

Typical Properties

  • % Active content: 20
  • Specific gravity: 1.0 at 25°C
  • Internal Viscosity (at 25°C): 9,000cS
  • External Viscosity (at 25°C): 100cS
  • Particle Size: <0.04µm


  • Various haircare products
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INCI: Silicone Quaternium-17 (and) C12-14 sec-Pareth-5 (and) C12-14 sec-Pareth-9


KCC Beauty SeraShine EM 421C quaternary ammonium silicone microemulsion is a non-ionic micro emulsion of a medium viscosity alkyl quaternary ammonium polydimethylsiloxane. It is highly substantive to damaged hair, making it excellent for conditioning and protecting coloured or dry/damaged hair.  It may also improve hair strength.  Clear shampoos are possible with this product.

Recommended usage level 0.5-4%

Previously known as BC 2211.  SeraShine EM 421C is our MIT/CIT free version of SeraShine EM 401C.

Datasheet & Specification

SeraShine EM 421 TDS SeraShine EM 421C Specification