SeraSense® SF 0.65

Product Features

  • Excellent spread quality
  • Very fast vaporisation
  • Non-VOC cosmetic solvent

Typical Properties

  • Appearance: Clear, colourless liquid
  • Viscosity (at 25°C): 0.65cS
  • Flash Point: -3.3°C


  • Skincare
  • Haircare
  • Antiperspirants and deoodorants


SeraSense SF 0.65 is the shortest straight chained low viscosity silicone that is sold from the KCC Beauty range for use in a wide variety of industries where a non VOC volatile silicone is required. In cosmetics applications, the volatility of 0.65cS dimethicone makes the ingredient incredibly useful as a cosmetic grade solvent with a low evaporation point, meaning that as it evaporates it cools the skin less that other solvents, such as water or alcohols.

KCC Beauty dimethyl silicone fluids known chemically as polydimethylsiloxanes, are available in various viscosities ranging from 0.65cS to 60,000cS. They are clear, non-toxic, inert and odourless fluids.

Recommended usage level is 1.0 – 50% however depends heavily on application.

Previously known as BC 0.65 Silicone Fluid and SF1000N-0.65cS

Datasheet & Specification

SeraSense SF Volatile Fluids TDS SeraSense SF 0.65 Specification