SeraSense® GBA 81

Product Features

  • Silicone fluid alternative solvent
  • Good adhesion to skin
  • Unique spread
  • Film former
  • Ideal for use in hair serums

Typical Properties

  • Viscosity (25°C): 1,100cS
  • Flash point: >125°C
  • Refractive Index (25°C):  1.426
  • Gum content (%): 15


  • Hair care
  • Colour cosmetics
  • Skin care


SeraSense® GBA 81 is a high viscosity dimethicone gum blended with C13-15 Alkane; a silicone fluid alternative manufactured via fermentation of sugar cane.

This product offers unique benefits for hair and skin products. In hair formulations, the hair is left feeling silky soft and frizz-free. Conditioning benefits can be seen in combing and friction data, where all attributes are markedly improved and show a similar effect to SeraSense® GB 11. SeraSense® GBA 81 can easily be diluted to produce hair serums, or added directly into conditioners.

In skin applications, it offers a unique skin feel and a moisturised finish

Datasheet & Specification

SeraSense® GBA 81 TDS