SeraShine® EM 807 Coconut/Olive Oil Emulsion

Product Features

  • Silicone-free conditioning
  • High natural content (92%)
  • Condition of hair improves over several washes
  • Enhanced penetration into hair
  • 2.5x more effective at softening hair than neat oil
  • Strengthens hair by up to 82%
  • Absorbs easier, spreads better and is less greasy than neat oil in skin cream
  • Improves hydration of skin by over 50%, and 10% more than neat oil

Typical Properties

  • % Active content: 52
  • Appearance: White, viscous emulsion
  • Particle size: 1 – 2µm
  • Viscosity (at 25°C): <10,000cS


  • Shampoo for all hair types
  • Daily hair conditioners
  • Intensive treatments
  • Skin products
  • Suncare
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INCI: Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil (and) Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil (and) Laureth-4 (and) C12-14 sec-Pareth-9



SeraShine® EM 807 is a macroemulsion containing an optimised blend of coconut and olive oil.  Due to the enhanced penetration profile; conditioning benefits of SeraShine® EM 807 can be seen over several washes.  Smoothing and damage repair is also improved in rinse-off hair products.  Softness of hair is improved significantly when compared to neat oil, proving that when coconut and olive oil is emulsified, penetration into the hair is greatly enhanced.  Hair is strengthened by up to 82% when compared to untreated fibres.

In skin cream, the emulsion was found to absorb quicker, spread better and be less greasy when compared to neat oil.  After 6 hours, hydration is improved by over 50%, which is 10% more than neat coconut and olive oil.

Emulsifying coconut and olive oil into a white emulsion allows for a much more stable product. Coconut oil also solidifies at room temperature; blending it with olive oil ensures the oil stays mobile.  The emulsion itself is 92% natural (including water).

SeraShine® EM 807 is easily incorporated into the water phase of any formulation at any level, however usage levels of between 2 and 10% are recommended.

Datasheet & Specification

SeraShine® EM 807 TDS SeraShine® EM 807 Technical Leaflet