Silicone Fluids

KCC Beauty as speciality formulators can offer a wide range of straight chained, cyclic and cross-linked polydimethylsiloxane silicone fluids to suit your needs. The KCC Beauty range includes basic silicone polymers of viscosities from 0.65cS to 60,000cS and an ever growing range of functionally modified fluids including aminos, silicone quaterniums, polyethers, phenyls, cross-linked resins and elastomers, and alkyl modified polymers. Of course no range of silicones is complete without the important cosmetic solvent Cyclopentasiloxane BC Cyclomethicone 5 which is offered by KCC Beauty along with other cyclic compounds including our low molecular weight straight chain D5 replacement silicone polymers 1.5cS and 2cS silicone fluids.

All our silicone fluids are also available as emulsions for use in water based systems.

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