korean-trendsKorea is quickly becoming the leading market when it comes to innovative cosmetics. Brands such as Hera, Etude House and Laneige are now finding their way into retailers such as Sephora. From quirky brands like Tonymoly, to the premium skincare range Sulwhasoo, these products are gaining rapid popularity.

At KCC Beauty, with our Asian HQ based in Seoul, we are well placed to keep up with these trends.

Here we run through some interesting innovations in the Korean skincare market.


Oil Cleansers

Oil cleansers are not particularly new, but are included as part of the Korean skincare routine. They are one in what can be up to 17 steps! This type of cleanser is designed to be applied to the face, then following addition of water, the oil transforms into a milky lotion which is massaged into the skin, removing make up.

Click here for our guide formulation: Silky Cleansing Oil FW-2



Asian essences tend to be a less concentrated version of a serum; however they have a very similar feel. They are often sold in packs with a cream of the same variant. They are applied to the by patting into the skin and then massaged with sweeping motions.

Click here for our guide formulation: All in One Essence for Men SJ14S_06


Bubble Masks

Used as a traditional mask, however a few minutes after application, these products ‘bubble’ to form foam on the skin. This indicates it’s time to massage and rinse. The bubbles detoxify the skin, releasing impurities from pores.

Click here for our guide formulation: Oxygen Bubble Mask FP-4


Water Drop/Hydro Gel Creams

Hydro gel creams are popular as a day moisturiser. These gel-creams refresh the skin, giving it radiance. Some are ‘water drop’ creams, which release water droplets when massaging into the skin.

Click here for our guide formulation: Water Drop Cream SJ15M_01


Sleeping Masks

Sleeping masks are painted on with a brush and left to replenish the skin overnight. They are then rinsed off in the morning. Asian formulations contain whitening products to act whilst you’re asleep.

Click here for our guide formulation: Overnight Mask SJ14D_S9


Air Cushion Compacts

Air cushion make up is a huge trend in Korea. Liquid foundation or BB/CC cream is impregnated into a sponge compact; the product is smoothed and patted onto the skin using a soft puff.

Light feel but good coverage and long-lasting
Multi-functional, often incorporating SPF andwhitening ingredients

Click here for our guide formulation: CC Cream (SPF 35, PA++) MJ14S_S5


Facial Mists

Mists are favoured as they can be used at any time, before and after make-up. They have a range of properties, such as providing UV protection, moisturisation, cooling or radiance. They maintain the dewy look so popular in Asia, and ‘re-activate’ the products used previously. Usually kept in a handbag/pocket for spritzes throughout the day.

Click here for our guide formulations: Make Up Fixer Mist MJ14M_03, Sebum Control Mist for Men SJ15F_09


Please contact us for more information on the 10+ step Korean skincare routine.

Coming soon… Korean haircare trends!